Identity Reel

Harriet & Oak

Barbacoa’s Burritos & Wraps

Keepin’ it local. For the rebrand, the original bullhead was recreated with words that are key to Barbacoa’s identity as a hip, local business, as well as interesting tidbits about Spearfish culture. The Barbacoa’s B monogram was created to represent a bull ring.


Stephen Peot CO


Blackbird Espresso



Black Hills Video

We chose to go with a simple, yet succinct geometric design to give the logo a more iconic look that would be instantly recognizable, with or without text.  Based on the triangle – representing both the “play” symbol for video, and the acres of forested hills and mountains that Black Hills Video calls home.


Fresh Squeezed Entertainment

Funky fresh 90s-inspired design for an event DJ duo. Hand lettered to give the overall design a more unique look.


Holloway Real Estate


Riverbend Coffee Company

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